Our Hometown Minoo City :-)
Kobelco Hall Japan April 2016
"Los Tres Pififincos" Together in San Cristobal
The most popular "organic" food of the "Little Dragon" Dani
The Suzuki Method level III. :-)
"How works the tower crane"
Advanced Ingeneering
First steps on the beach in Cancun
"Dragoncito" Daniel first time in Japan
The right bed for the right Musician
First Timpani Lesson with Saitousan Sensei in Osaka, April 2016
The Suzuki Method I. for Beginners
First Lesson of Theology - "How to Open the Bible"...
The Suzuki Method II. Advanced Level
Mexican Dream 1
Mexican Dream 2
Little Frankenstein
Dani :-)
The Little Chiapaneco
Welcome in Chiapas :-)
My classroom
Sv.Vavřinec (St. Lawrence) church at Prague
See you in the next concerts!
Japan 04.2013
Kobelco Hall
Jana & Vladan
Lesson with my dear friend Seoung Hwan
Rehearsal at Busan CC
Swiss 2012
My dearest student Ye Jin
Masterclass at Dobrichovice Castle
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